My name is Stefanie, and I am addicted to photography. I have always had a passion for photography, and seeing the world through a lens. It began when I was a teenager, and armed with my point and shoot camera my late mother had given to me. With it, I took many photos for the school yearbook, some of my friends, some of my dog. I also shot my best friend’s first boudoir calendar for her boyfriend. In college, I ended up spending more time in the darkroom on my spares, while taking nothing to do with photography at first. This provided me with more opportunities to shoot different stuff and cheap development. I wanted to incorporate my other life long love affair with music into the mix. As I attempted to bring the two together, I started taking photos for bands who needed live shots and grew from there. This eventually attained portraiture opportunities and shooting many live events in the future. I was able to eventually attain a diploma in Photography prior to having my daughter. Being a busy 9-5 corporate Mom meant ignoring what it felt like to be “me” for a hot minute. I knew after having conversations with other women from many walks of life, they felt this way too. Yes, those are of me.

I decided to get into Boudoir photography because a woman’s self-esteem is important to her, just as is it’s important to me. Nothing makes me feel better than a woman just WINNING the sh*t out of life! I want to Create Empowerment Through Photography and help YOU attain your best YOU. Let’s chat!



Sweetheart Lane Boudoir is inclusive and welcomes individuals and couples of all types.

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